Working out at Home is not as bad as it looks

With the outbreak of COVID-19, travel has essentially been shut down. Those who frequently traveled to their favorite places in Singapore, London or New York might found themselves struggling to find a regular time for their workouts. Now it looks like there is all the time in the world for some home exercise, but of course your favorite hotel gym is not available. Yet, now it can seem like working out at home is even more of a drag. Instead, let’s look at some of the aspects that can make workouts at home better than expected.

It is important to take a positive mindset in this stressful time. While it can be nice to workout while travelling, working out at home can provide other advantages. It gives a sense of familiarity with the environment and the workout regime. Working out from home can really give you a new routine to bring the next time that you do travel to a hotel gym. The more you familiarize yourself with a routine, the more natural it becomes. Even though we aren’t travelling anymore, it is important to keep up the activity. No matter where you are, staying active is key #NeverSkipAWorkout.

Few Things to Consider

Social distancing

Working out from home also keeps you protected from the COVID-19 virus. In Europe, the recommended distance between two people is between 1.5 (4.9 ft) and 2 meters (6.5 ft). Keeping this distance in a regular gym can prove to be quite the challenge. When you work out at home, you can keep your entire focus on the exercise at hand rather than what others may be doing and if they keep the distance required. Once this finally subsides and you can get back to travelling around and using the gyms at your favorite hotels, this won’t be an issue anymore. 

Rhythm is a Dancer

One of the best ways to get yourself motivated is the use of music. You can listen to what you want, at the volume you want. No more need for headphones, which can be misplaced or lost at a public gym. You can also get away with singing whatever you want at home - even ABBA’s Dancing Queen.

You are what you eat

What should be kept in mind is that all the exercise in the world will prove ineffective without the right eating habits. If you want to look good, applying 80 percent of your focus to eating right. Those who travel and solely eat in hotel lounges are at a disadvantage. If you bring the good diet you formed at home to a hotel gym once the pandemic lifts, that’s a pretty big advantage.

To conclude

Until you can go back to your favorite hotel with the best gyms in Barcelona, Miami or San Diego, it is important to make the most of your time at home. Everyone is looking forward to the end of the pandemic. It will arrive at some point. No pandemic lasts forever. But in the meantime, there is no reason to miss out on workouts while at home. Instead, get your summer body in shape and plan your next vacation. And here on we have the hotels with the best gyms.

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The Start of

How everything started

Many people love to travel. It breaks up the monotony of ordinary life into a nice little adventure that can be remembered for a lifetime. However, travelling does come with one major disadvantage. If you have a regular exercise routine, these breaks disrupt that cycle and can make it tough to get back into it. That’s where we come in. was founded in order to find the gym capabilities of any and all hotel locations around any vacation or travel spot.


Our founder Ronny is the one who came up with this vision. He figured that those who are serious about their health deserve to be able to continue it while enjoying the benefits of travelling. So, he figured that a site where one could locate a hotel and see what kinds of options there were in terms of working out would be quite helpful to these people. It is unfortunately common to see really nice hotels have terrible gyms simply because they aren’t often used. Staying healthy is one of the most important things those who travel frequently can do, as it really does take a toll on our bodies. To quote Ronny on his idea, “My goal is to provide a hotel fitness guide which allows our customers to have a great workout experience while traveling.” We have adopted this as our mission statement and everything we do aligns with it.

Get the Team together

Of course, Ronny couldn’t do it alone and he evangelized the idea to his friends who then helped him launch the site. Roland (not to be confused with Ronny) is the co-founder, and our specialist in finance. Everybody eeds to keep an eye on the expense book and Roland is our man to that task and does it well. Then there’s Michel, who keeps the technical side of the site secure, while also being the travel bee. Michel is a traveler by heart any by traveling the world, he confirms the states of the various gyms in these hotels. Meanwhile Chris is the community manager. He makes sure we stay connected to our users and keeps an eye that we are headed in the direction that the most people want. Last but not least, we have our youngster Manuel who takes care of our social media and online marketing.

The Launch of the new Website

With our team assembled, we launched our new website in April 2020. Unfortunately, with the onset of COVID-19 and the almost complete shutdown of travel, we could have had better luck with our timing. But these are just another set of challenges that we have to work around in order to provide people with the best possible workout experience at hotel gyms around the world. Even now, we are continuing to release features on a monthly basis. Our two biggest partners that help us support these features are and Google.


What is Next?

While there are very interesting time ahead, and we are all awaiting the days when the borders re-open… Just remember: whether you are searching for hotels in New York, Miami or Singapore, make sure to consult with us to see if the hotels you are looking at have the appropriate gym for your health needs. And never skip a Workout!

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